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Here, you’ll find something for all senses. The sounds of Djeema Al-Fna including snake charmers, storytellers, musicians, vendors selling fresh-squeezed orange juice. The historical sites – palaces, medersas, mosques – rich in architectural beauty. The smell of tajines being prepared in front of you. The taste of mint tea. The feeling of being in another world. That’s what makes Marrakech a truly magical place.

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The golden dunes rise up over this tiny little village like mountains.The dirt road that runs through the main street of town is lined with cafes. The Algerian border in the distance. Camel caravans are a common sight. The sound of the Gnaoa music fills the area. And watching the sun set over the dunes rounds out the magical day.

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Een groepsreis met 45 personen
Hamid is al 3 jaar onze gids. We kunnen ons geen betere wensen. Alert,grote bereidheid tot dienstverlening, oplossingsgericht, heel veel kennis van zaken, spreekt de talen, die een groep verder helpt, is innemend. Kortom een geldige gids en meer nog begeleider. We gaan met vrienden naar Marrakesh en Hamid is ons host!

Unforgettable experience!
Today we did the Ourika Valley trip with Anyas Travel. Definitely the best decision we made in Marrakech: it’s the perfect chance to escape from all the city noise and enjoy the beautiful nature of Ourika valley! Also the Berber village is really beautiful with a cool culture. Friendly people, bus driver and guide. We’d really recommend this day trip!

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